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When you receive your new TCB Debit MasterCard™ in the mail, be sure to activate it right away. 

for your secure life

Soon, you will be receiving a new TCB Debit MasterCard™ featuring EMV chip technology. We are pleased to provide you with this upgraded card, offering the latest available technology to protect against fraud and identity theft. New cards will start to be mailed out beginning the fourth week of May. Your new card will offer the same freedom and convenience, with even greater security.

  • Global Purchasing Power. Can be used virtually anywhere MasterCard™ is accepted, worldwide.
  • Banking On The Go. Your TCB Debit Card is also your ATM Card, so you can withdrawn cash, make deposits and more.
  • Enhanced Fraud Protection. Anywhere merchants use a chip-enabled card reader, the chip makes your transactions more secure by automatically creating a unique code for every transaction. 

easy to activate

  • Call 1-888-892-3806, and use your new card at any TCB ATM, or use it as a Debit Card at any retailer requiring a PIN (your PIN has not changed).
  • Sign the back of your new card and then destroy your old card.
  • If you are using your TCB Debit MasterCard™ for any automatic payments, be sure to update your card details for uninterrupted service.
  • If you are enrolled in Apple Pay, you will need to delete your old card first and then add your replacement card to Apple Pay as if it is a new card.

easy to use

Where chip technology is not accepted, you will still swipe your card as usual. Where chip technology is accepted, insert your card and follow the instructions on the terminal. Leave your card in the terminal until the transaction is completed and you are instructed to remove it.

If you don’t receive your new card  within ten business days, please contact us at 1-857-203-9550.

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